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FREESAY AI Voice Translator X6P

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[100+ online languages ​​/ 13 offline languages] Supports 100+ languages ​​translation by connecting to Wi-Fi, and 8 offline languages in memory, 5 offline languages downloadable. It is an online and offline interpreter capable of bidirectional voice translation. So when there is no wifi around you, it can support the simple conversation or words translation, you can use it with confidence even outside the communication range or in the cabin without being affected by the radio wave condition. It is AIR FRANCE and JAPAN AIRLINES endorsed product.

[Equipped with AI (artificial intelligence)] A translator that uses cloud-type AI (artificial intelligence) to select the most suitable translation engine for each language and achieve highly accurate translation results. You can also translate long sentences. The fastest translation result is 0.2 seconds, which is more accurate than the translators on the market.

[Convenient for language learning] You can not only listen to the pronunciation by voice, but also touch the "Follow" button to pronounce it and diagnose the pronunciation. More native pronunciation is possible. Also, the translation history is saved as data in your local device, so you can listen to it repeatedly. It is useful for language learning that can be used in daily life and business situations.

[Easy operation] No need to download the APP, turn on the power, connect to WI-FI and select the language to use. All you have to do is hold down the button and talk! Equipped with a noise canceling function, it properly listens to and translates conversations in lively places such as towns and taverns.

[Supported languages] 100+ languages ​​supported, English (USA), English (UK), English (India), English (Australia), Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional, Cantonese, Minnan, Shanghai dialect , Sichuan dialect), Russian, Thai, French (Canada), French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish (Spain, Mexico, Latin America), Italian, German, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, etc. * The number of languages ​​may increase or decrease due to future updates.


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