Simultaneous Translation Earphone MIX

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Simultaneous Translation

Innovative Interaction

1 earphone + translation stick

True Wireless

Perfect Sound Quality

APT-X algorithm & CVC noise reduction

Ergonomic Design

Waterproof IP54

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Black, White

12 reviews for Simultaneous Translation Earphone MIX

  1. Martin

    I love the sleek black style of the earbuds and love how they have an interactive screen that flashes a cool looking led light so you can know the status of the earbuds and connection status. Also you are able to turn the earbuds off and on using the store case.

  2. Wilson

    The sound quality is exceptional good bass and noise cancelling. I can be in my own zone with these earbuds in especially when I’m at the gym.

  3. Walker

    The microphone works great very clear and others can hear me loud and clear on the other end.
    These earbuds are very comfortable to wear and stay in well especially through running and exercising.

  4. Lewis

    The battery life is really good. I wore these earbuds for two days without having to charge and when I did charge it was very quick.

  5. Allen

    The FREESAY translation earphones fit perfect in the ear and don’t easily fall out. They are so comfortable in the ears that you barely feel them which means less irritation. I gave them the head shake test and they stayed in my ears no problem. With the correct ear piece, these do block 95% of the noise around you.

  6. Taylor

    The MIC works great when listening to music or making calls. Battery time is also a good thing with these little gems. They claim these will get 6 hours of continuous playtime before they need a recharge. I did not use them until the batteries died but was able to get 5 hours of music and a couple calls from them. I would definitely recommend these to friends and family.

  7. King

    Overall these TWS earphones are great for the price.
    Sound quality was very good, you could also feel a little bit of the bass as long as the earphones completely sealed the ear.
    -Comfort is excellent, you get ear hooks with the headphones so it’s great for working out. One thing I liked was the ear hooks and the headphones were both able to fit inside the charging case.
    -Battery life so far is really good.
    – The charging cable is USB type C so that is awesome usually most headphones come with just regular USB.
    – Bluetooth connection was good, I walk in Downtown Chicago a lot and sometimes with my other wireless headphones the connection drops because of the high winds but with these so far there hasn’t been any connection drops.

  8. Davis

    This is my first pair of no-wire, earbud style headphones. So far, so good.
    These felt like they won’t drop out and come with the regular, different-size ear canal adapters, with no fear of popping out while I run and move around. They also don’t hurt my ears.
    -A nice, tight, hard-shell protective carry case
    -Good sound quality
    -Easy Bluetooth pairing

  9. Johnson

    1. Appearance
    Form and function are great. These sit in the ear nicely and are relatively discrete
    2. Sound quality
    Great sound quality as FREESAY always does.
    3. Comfort
    the units come with 3 sizes of earbuds for the unit so they sit in the ear perfectly. Really good fit and adaptability.
    4. Battery time
    the units come with a usb-c charger and that is a plus and advantage in charge time and compatibility with my other devices. Carrying case also charges the units and they hold battery all day. Really good charge life and recharge capability.

  10. Lee

    These are pretty decent earbuds. Has good sound and had to problems talking on them. Also seamlessly transitions from a call back to playing music without any input.
    Also the customer service from this company is amazing! Had an issue and was taken care of! Would buy again.

  11. Jackson

    These earbuds from FREESAY are a great value. They look sleek, fit comfortably, and have great battery life. The packaging was slightly damaged during the Amazon delivery, but nothing inside was damaged. These are perfect for both long flights and workouts, which are my two primary uses for these. The sound quality is good, although the bass can seem a little weak at times. All in all, this is a great product for the price.

  12. Moore

    I am a big fan of FREESAY, in fact, I have 1 of their translation device. For the price, these wireless Earbuds bring a lot to the table.
    Few things I liked about this FREESAY 1) TWS 2) Bluetooth range, 3) Noise Canceling because they plug snug in your ear, 4) Battery Life.
    For the price, I think these are great. Great packaging, comes with case and covers, it has USB-C, great range, and battery life.

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