AI Voice Translator GTX16

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70+ Languages Translation

Two-way real-time voice translation


Chinese, English (USA, UK, AUS, IND), Japanese, Korean, German, French (FRA, CAN), Spanish (ESP, MEX, Latin America), Portuguese (BRA, POR), Russian, Italian, Arabic (UAE, KSA, EGY), Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Filipino, Malay, Indonesian, Burmese, Cambodian, Bengali, Nepali, Javanese, Tamil, Mongolian, Persian, Urdu, Lao, Cantonese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Romanian, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovak, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Catalan, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Latvian, Serbian, Croatian, Swahili, Bulgarian…
* more languages will be added.


Ensure Translation Accuracy

70+ Languages Translation

Two-way real-time voice translation


5M Pixel Camera
Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Russian Spanish, Arabic, Cantonese, Traditional Chinese


Follow and Practice
Detect the accuracy level of your pronunciation based on the score


Continuous recording for 60 minutes
Support input languages: Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese


Support 500 persons to communicate at the same time in one group


Just press the button and speak

Suitable for studying, making friends, business, shopping, traveling abroad, practicing pronunciation, etc.
And it is suitable for giving to yourself or friends as a gift.


FREESAY real time translation already covers 4736 cities in 184 countries

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10 reviews for AI Voice Translator GTX16

  1. Young

    It’s proven to be a particularly versatile little pocket slid translator, with unique menu/document translator features across all the major and even some obscure world languages.
    It’s also proving useful to help me learn to speak foreign languages – In particular when I practice speaking a target language, it instantly translates what I have spoken back into English and lets me know if my received pronunciation was correct or not. The SIM card and offline features is also very useful when working outside cell phone coverage or your home cell network.

  2. West

    Before I buy this tool I thought phone can use as translator but with this professional tool the translator is become much easier. There is offline tool for translation and picture translation as well. The tool can translate offline or online depend on the location you are since some country they don’t have the offline dictionary.

  3. Ward

    It’s very amazing device. I love it very much, it has got large data base when it is connected wifi. I tried very difficult words but it translated very accurately. It even translated some poetry sentences very standard. You can learn other languages very easy. And take anywhere in the world it can help you in communication. This is a language teacher I can say. It will solve your communication problems and make you happy and confident.

  4. Wheeler

    As a traveler I sometimes found it difficult to translate stuff, so i just ordered this to check if this thing really works and yes it’s worth every penny. You can connect it with any wifi network and you are good to go. The device is fast and can translate as soon as you speak no delays at all. If you travel a lot and sometimes face difficulties understanding language this would be a really good device for you.

  5. Bishop

    High quality products are therefore easy to set up and operate. I like its mini size, which is smaller than my phone and can be easily placed in my pocket. The sound of the translator is bright and clear which is far better than my expectations. Whenever I am in other countries, I can carry it with me, and when I talk to someone who uses an unknown language, it helps me a lot.

  6. Alexander

    A great travel companion to have in your pocket! I was very pleased with its performance. I tested it with two languages back and forth, and was impressed with its accuracy. There are many languages available. The translator works in both Wi-Fi and off-line mode. The word scanning feature is very handy, too.

  7. Harris

    As being in US, keep visiting many countries with different languages and cultures. Was already looking for some similar gadgets and finally found this amazing translator. It’s very comprehensive as it supports all mostly spoken international languages. It’s small and easy to use, quite a decent handheld translator for tourism purposes. I tested it with Spanish and English, it translated correctly. I’m going to take this with me on my next trip. Strongly recommended for all travelers.

  8. Scott

    Always looking for a cost-effective translation device. So far, the accuracy of English is very good. My favorite is the photo translation feature, it’s very useful! The sound is loud enough, the supported languages are more, mainly do not need to download the app, easy to use, will recommend to friends!

  9. Grant

    This is a great product. I have been using this translator for a week now and I’m very impressed by it. It translates well, it listens well which is even more important. The camera also works very well to translate text when it’s online. The offline packages work well for voice. Will be also in my pocket from now on. Love the translator.

  10. Harper

    This is the first time that use a voice translator. I have not got a chance to bring it with me to a foreign country yet. However I lent it to my friend whose mother tongue is not English. She brought it with her to a restaurant. It works pretty well and helped her order her meal with ease. Overall it is a reliable product.

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