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70+ Languages Translation

Two-way real-time voice translation

Chinese, English (USA, UK, AUS, IND), Japanese, Korean, German, French (FRA, CAN), Spanish (ESP, MEX, Latin America), Portuguese (BRA, POR), Russian, Italian, Arabic (UAE, KSA, EGY), Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Filipino, Malay, Indonesian, Burmese, Cambodian, Bengali, Nepali, Javanese, Tamil, Mongolian, Persian, Urdu, Lao, Cantonese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Romanian, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovak, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Catalan, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Latvian, Serbian, Croatian, Swahili, Bulgarian…
* more languages will be added.


Ensure Translation Accuracy


Translation can also be used without a network


Follow and Practice
Detect the accuracy level of your pronunciation based on the score


Just press the button and speak

Suitable for studying, making friends, business, shopping, traveling abroad, practicing pronunciation, etc.
And it is suitable for giving to yourself or friends as a gift.


FREESAY real time translation already covers 4736 cities in 184 countries

8 reviews for AI Voice Translator GTA11 Pro

  1. Kevin

    Just started using my FREESAY Translator. I am absolutely amazed at how easy it is to use and how helpful it has been in social interactions to overcome the language barriers.

  2. Rupert

    Received it today. Shipped from CHINA to Singapore. Translation seems ok. Thanks.

  3. Powell

    It’s amazing. By far, one of the best translator I have ever bought.

  4. Carroll

    Started using my device today and am loving the ease of it. Saw there was a recording option and wondering what is the use of it. Meaning is there something we can record in another language and it can then be translated? This too would be nice.

  5. Warren

    The 70+ More Languages are here. I now have them, and I had auto update turned on. Thank you for the update, and I am having fun testing them out. Great Job.

  6. Campbell

    I use the FREESAY Translator today to speak with one of my residents in the neighborhood about an issue she was having with plumbing as well as with electrical issues in her unit. Other than it was a little slow completing the translation it did a great job. Thank you.

  7. Hunter

    I used this FREESAY Translator for a while, and English and other languages like Spanish work very well. I could not really understand Spanish very well, but I got so much help from this product when I was travelling on Mexico. Thank you for the product.

  8. Cqyvgt

    worked fine.

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