Brand Story

The mother of Mr. Qu, the co-founder of iGuanTech, lost her way when traveling in Europe. Because of the language barrier, she was unable to communicate with local people. She has been wandering for more than three hours in a strange street in a foreign country before she was found by the team leader. This incident had a great influence on Qu Jie. He could not imagine his mother’s helplessness in a foreign country.

He has been a senior executive at IBM and a number of large companies. He believes that there are more and more international exchanges, and the exchanges in the global village are increasing. The obstacles to cross-language communication are indeed a big pain point. They hope to develop a product that can solve it. Later, Qu Jie founded the FREESAY brand together with these friends, and is committed to solving the obstacles of cross-language cultural communication. Hope that there will be more communication, understanding and love between different languages.

FREESAY translator is dedicated to solving barriers to cross-language communication and promoting effective communication and love among people who do not speak same languages. FREESAY translator is mainly for cross-border tourists and international business exchanges. It is an essential communication tool for outbound tourism and international exchange activities. The FREESAY brand originated from a Chinese company, Qingdao iGuan Technology Co., Ltd., with international vision and continuous innovation. It has design and R&D facilities in Los Angeles, USA, covering 90% of the world’s countries and regions. It has always been at the forefront of global translation device technology, especially in the research of offline translation model algorithms and the customization of corpus.